Art Policy

According to CRS 24-80.5 –101, art means all forms of original creations of visual art including, but not limited to: sculpture; painting (portable or not); photographs; crafts made from clay, fiber, wood, metal, plastics, glass, or any combination thereof; calligraphy; murals; cartography; media composed of any combination of forms or media; unique architectural styling or embellishments, including architectural crafts; environmental landscaping; restoration or renovation of existing works of art of historical significance.

The Director of Library Programs and Services will establish guidelines for the acquisition and management of the Library’s art collection and for the temporary display of works of art loaned to the Library for exhibit.

Art may be acquired by gift, memorial, purchase; or borrowed for temporary display.

Art work loaned to other institutions will be covered by a contract describing the item(s), term(s) of the loan, and assurance that the Library work(s) of art will be properly insured and maintained. No Library owned art work will be loaned, sold or given to private individuals.

All art works given to the Library will be considered for inclusion in the Jefferson County Public Library collection. Accepted art works will not necessarily be displayed in the same location on a permanent basis. Once owned, art works will not be made available for circulation to the public or other organizations or institutions.

While memorials in the form of art work may be accepted; the Library prefers that memorials be in the form of donated collections as described in the Gifts and Memorials Policy. Any memorial requests must be presented to the Director of Library Programs and Services.