Get a Story on Demand with a Call to Story Line

Gather your kids for Story Line, a recorded story you can all enjoy—at any time—with nothing but your phone!

Story Line is an easy phone-in option, available in English and Spanish. No internet connection is necessary. All you need is your phone.

Just call 720.615.7401 any time to engage and delight your kids with an imaginative, pre-recorded story. Here’s a chance to turn off the screens and just listen! You can hear a new, approximately five-minute story every week.

“Listening to stories read aloud is stimulating for young kids and inspires imagination,” said Robyn Lupa, manager of Kids and Families at Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL). “It builds kids’ word banks and inspires the joy of reading and listening.”

With a new story posted every Monday at 10 a.m., preschoolers and beginning readers will love calling JCPL’s Story Line!