Relaxation is just a phone call away

Learn and practice meditation with Library's free weekly call-in program
Update 7/23/2020: Mid-Morning Meditation remains a patron-favorite program! Call in into join us -- now on Thursday mornings from 10 - 10:30 a.m.! Explore more programs in our always-up-to-date online event calendar.

Practicing meditation is only a phone call away. Each Wednesday morning, Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) brings guided meditation to Jeffco through a call-in program that supports a growing demand for healthy lifestyle practices.

“Last week, this call changed my life,” said Carol, a participant in the 30-minute instruction, who was amazed that a simple phone call affected her so positively.

Using phone conferencing software, host Caitlin Stell, a clinical psychologist with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, offers several minutes of meditation overview and then guides listeners through a meditation. Each week, she touches on using meditation for a variety of purposes - compassion, chronic pain relief, anxiety relief, sleep, creativity, self-compassion, coping with loss and forgiveness.

“In the world, especially in the world as it is now, I think we really need as much compassion as we can give, and as much compassion as we can receive,” said Steve, another participant who said last week’s focus on compassion made the topic more real for him than it ever has been.

“Meditation and mindfulness programs at the Library are well-received. Offering them as a Call-In program allows a convenient option for attendance as well as the comfort of anonymity,” said Cecilia LaFrance, coordinator of JCPL’s Library to You service. Callers have a chance to share, ask questions, and reflect after the meditation. However, all participants are muted during the practice to eliminate distractions.

Mid-Morning Meditation occurs each Wednesday at 10 a.m. and will be offered through the end of the year. People can join by calling 303.502.5189. Recordings of the meditations are hosted on the Jefferson County Public Library’s YouTube channel.