No more fines for kids’ materials

Library eliminates fines and fees for kids

Jefferson County Public Library is pleased to announce the elimination of overdue fines for kids’ materials.

The change increases access to books and materials for our youngest patrons. Studies show that imposing fines on overdue materials is not an effective method for ensuring the prompt return of materials, and that they can create barriers to using the library.

“We want to increase access, availability and awareness of library resources to help every child in Jefferson County be ready to read when he/she enters kindergarten,” said Pam Nissler, executive director. “We know that our youngest patrons benefit from early exposure to reading, singing and speech, and by removing potential barriers that might make families reluctant to check out materials for their children, we can better promote a culture of reading.”

To encourage timely returns, all children’s items now have regular due dates, and reminder emails are sent.

Several other library systems in Colorado have implemented this with considerable success, including Denver Public Libraries, Arapahoe Library District and Boulder County Libraries.

Eliminating fines on children’s materials will not have a significant impact on the Library’s budget, as those fines represent less than one half of one percent of its budget. The Library believes the move will have a positive impact on the number of children and families who use the library.