Library brings services and programs to Spanish speakers

Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) offers programs, services and resources to Spanish speakers and is adding Spanish phone services to the list of ways we serve our Spanish speaking community. The Library’s Call Center is available daily to provide library patrons support via the phone.

“It’s exciting to bring the library to everyone by opening doors and removing language barriers,” said Leigh Ann Vock, call center manager. “We hope that every Spanish speaking cardholder can now take better advantage of all the library has to offer.”

JCPL’s call center handles an average of 500 calls a day. In order to provide Spanish language services, it recruited, hired and trained additional bilingual employees so that 30 percent of its staff now speaks Spanish.

“Our Spanish-speaking patrons couldn’t use phone support before now,” said Vock. “We offer so much help with accounts, technical questions – event basic community questions. Now we can help everyone.”

To take advantage of the service, call 303-235-5275 or visit to send an email and get personalized help.

In addition to expanding the call center services, the library continues to increase Spanish books, movies, CDs, magazines and offer bilingual programming.