It’s Peak Perseids-Viewing Time!

This summer, unleash your inner astronomer

Turn your eyes toward the sky with Standley Lake Library. As part of the Summer Sidewalk Astronomy program, the Library will host a Perseids Meteor Shower Watch Party on Monday, Aug. 13. Grab your telescope or take a turn gazing through the Library’s shared one to catch a glimpse of these cosmic wonders.

One of the brightest meteor showers to appear in the night sky each year, the Perseids are made of debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet. As the comet passes by the earth, grains of rock from its surface break free, which heat up and glow as they hit the Earth’s atmosphere. These streaks of light peak around Aug. 9 -13 each year, with this year’s estimated best viewing occurring on Aug. 13, just in time for you to grab a friend or two and head to the Library. This year, scientists estimate that you could count up to 90 meteors per hour (from a dark site). That’s more than one meteor per minute!

Sean Eads, adult librarian for Standley Lake Library, initiated the Summer Sidewalk Astronomy program in partnership with the Aric Vyhmeister, a local astronomer. Each Thursday, budding stargazers gather at the Library sundial around 7 p.m. to explore the night sky, enjoy fun treats and meet new friends. Aric attends each session to assist participants in using their telescope, providing additional details on these and other cosmic wonders, and inspiring attendees to take their passion for the universe to new heights. 

Try your hand at astronomy this summer when you attend the "stellar" Perseid Meteor Shower Party on Aug. 13, or stop by weekly for extra practice with the Summer Sidewalk Astronomy program. 

Further Exploration: 

Go from amateur to expert with resources from our collection on all things astronomy! Kids can also explore meteor showers, star gazing and space science with this interactive Spotlight on Space Science from Rosen Learning Center.