A Chance for Happiness

Summer piñata program provides fun for everyone.

“If you don’t have a piñata, it’s not a party,” Maribel Arredondo, of Mamibel Piñatas, smiles as she describes her passion – the art of piñata making.

Her journey to find this passion wasn’t a simple one. Nine years ago, Maribel moved to Colorado from Mexico, where she left behind her life as a dentist to pursue a new beginning. Now, she’s a mother of three young children, ages eight, six and four, and a growing entrepreneur and educator.

Since arriving in Colorado, Maribel has worked hard to carve out a life for herself and her family. In between caring for her children, she’s built her own business and attended free English-conversation courses at the Arvada Library. She credits these courses and the Library with helping her “feel at home – all the resources that are offered, the free classes—it’s invaluable.”

“It’s difficult to start again,” Maribel shares. “When you arrive somewhere, you want to grow and be better and learn. I’ve had to find something to support my family, [but I also] needed to make something for me.”

One year ago, this “something” took the shape of a piñata, as Maribel launched her own piñata-making business out of her home. Today, she creates and markets these vibrant and colorful 3D shapes. Her designs include traditional, seven-pointed Mexican estrellas (stars), Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, and even characters from popular culture, like Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Spiderman, and her favorite, Kevin, the dodo bird from Up.

This summer, Maribel shares the traditions of the piñata during the Piñatas Espaciales (Space Piñatas), opens a new window workshops at the Library. Attendees explore their cultural significance; learn how to make engrudo, a special glue made of flour and hot water used for binding the piñata; and decorate their own planetary shapes and objects.

“The process is simple and kind of messy, but very fun!” Maribel says. “I love to teach families to make something together, especially children with their unlimited imagination.”

To Maribel, “Piñatas are a chance to bring some happiness.” Take a chance on happiness at these, opens a new window and other hands-on workshops at the Library this summer. 

Build your own piñata at Maribel's hands-on workshop this summer, then fill your space-themed creation at home. Curious what to stuff your piñata with? We consulted a few piñata-experts on their favorite-filler.

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