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How to make friends and influence people; from Sheaffer the cat and Sierra the dog


Sheaffer and SierraIt’s the classic tale of opposites attract. Of boy meets girl, or in this case, cat meets dog. John, a Jeffco Library staff member, shares his pet adoption story with us in support of Summer Reading’s Foothills Animal Shelter cause.
When sweet Sierra, a Golden retriever, was rescued by John and his girlfriend Peggy two years ago, she was scared, skittish and untrusting of humans. Her rescue story asked for, “a home with another dog that can help her learn how to be a dog. She will need to go to a quiet home with someone who is patient and willing to open their heart and take time to spend with her so she can learn to trust again.” Her progress has been slow.
Enter Sheaffer - the cat.
Sheaffer found his forever home with John and Peggy four months ago. After taking a few days to assess the situation, he decided the two big dogs were not so scary and preferable company to the pair of cats who for some unfathomable reason ignore all the cool toys lying around the house and objects on tables just waiting to be knocked over. “He’s a prankster!” says Peggy.
“Perhaps the sweetest part of this story is Sheaffer’s relationship with Sierra. She came from a puppy mill situation two years ago and while she has made a lot of progress, she is still not quite comfortable” Peggy explains. “She has ‘safe spots’ in the house where she stays most of the time. Since Sheaffer has been here she is more animated, and will often jump off of the couch to go and see what he's doing. She also seems to love snuggling with him and it makes me happy to know that, after making all of those puppies for other people, she now has a little friend to nurture.”
“It is very heartwarming to watch them both bond” adds John. “Sheaffer really doesn't seem to know that he's a cat. He gets along much better with the two dogs than he does with our other two cats. We give the dogs treats after their evening meal, and he lines right up with them to get his treats too.”
You can help other animals like Sheaffer and Sierra make friends and influence people by taking part in Summer Reading. Spread the word and help us reach our countywide goal of 30 million minutes logged by July 31 so Foothills Animal Shelter can receive $500 from Jefferson County Library Foundation!