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Girls in STEM Winners


Girls in STEMLast month, we partnered with DECTech at Colorado School of Mines to host a Girls in STEM Challenge. Participants were invited to create an original design related to energy and environment, health and nutrition, or biomedical. The winning project for this event was “Biomedical Engineering” created by Sophia Eakes and Maddie Rice. Prosthetics are currently expensive. With the use of 3D printing, engineers are able to make cost effective prosthetics that are custom made for individuals at a fraction of the cost. By using SketchUp, 3D printing, circuitry, and the engineering design process, Sophia and Maddie created a hand that can contract and retract. 

Honorable Mentions went to “Water Filter for Sudan” by Kit Arbuckle, Annika Waples, and Lilly Bestor; “How Reynaud’s Disease Can be Cured” by Sophie Costernaro and Bella Valdaz; and “Space Debris” by Lilly Downs and Norah Schumacher. 

Golden Library offers STEM Girls at 4 p.m. on select Mondays. These STEM events provide girls with the chance to play and learn in an open and nonjudgmental atmosphere. The events are led by Bell Middle School’s Girls in iSTEM Club.