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Sing, sing a song ... La la la la la

Jennifer, Lakewood Library

Have you shared a song with your little one today? Are you worried that your Roseanne Barr voice will scar your child for life?!? I always tell parents who are nervous about singing to their baby two things. Number 1, don't worry about looking foolish. The more foolish the better! Kids eat up that sort of behavior from adults. And 2, kids are not American Idol judges. In fact, I think they are the best audience to sing in front of because they are often so overcome with excitement from hearing someone they love sing to them that they can't help themselves from falling into your arms while asking for an encore.

Sharing songs is more than just a fun way to bond with your child. Songs also help children develop many skills they will need to be successful readers. For instance, songs help kids learn the early literacy skill known as "phonological awareness" or (in more user-friendly terms) "play with sounds." Simply put, this means that kids who can hear the smaller sounds in words will be better at sounding out words as they learn to read.  Songs help them to master this skill by giving each syllable in each word a note of its own. So sing out loud and proud to help your child become a great reader!

Below are some of our favorite winter songs for you to share with your little one during the cold days ahead. These are better than hot chocolate because they contain no calories and you'll still feel all warm inside when you're done. Enjoy!

Dance Like Snowflakes (tune: "Are You Sleeping")

This is a fun song to do with props. Anything will do, a scarf, a towel, a sock, etc.

Dance like snowflakes,

Dance like snowflakes,

In the air, in the air,

Swirling, whirling snowflakes

Swirling, whirling snowflakes,

Everywhere, everywhere.


Boots and Parka, Scarf and Hat (tune: "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes")

Boots and parka, scarf and hat, scarf and hat.

Boots and parka, scarf and hat, scarf and hat.

In wintertime we dress like that!

Boots and parka, scarf and hat, scarf and hat!


I'm a Little Snowman (tune: "I'm a Little Teapot")

Get in touch with your creative silly side and make up fun gestures for each verse.

I'm a little snowman

Short and fat.

Here are my buttons

Here is my hat.

When the sun comes out

I cannot play.

Slowly I just melt away.