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Reading Stinks: Power in Listening

Jennifer, Lakewood Library

Did you know that many kids hate reading because they lack confidence with pronuncation? A great way to defeat this problem is to expose your child to the written word while listening to it being read aloud. I often recommend that a reluctant reader try checking out a book they are interested in along with the audiobook. Not only does listening to the audiobook while reading along help kids with pronunciation, it will give them the satisfaction of completing a book on their own. But one warning, not all audiobooks are made equal. Sometimes the story can be wonderful but the reader will put even a toddler on pixie sticks to sleep. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error. If you pick out a stinker don't be afraid to put it down. You can also head to your library and ask your librarian for some audiobook recommendations. Here are some of my favorites.

True Meaning of Smekday




The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity (Brixton Brothers)