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A Picture Book With One Word??

Sarah, Golden Library

I'd like to introduce you to a picture book title that's new at the library, and is leaving patrons (and staff alike) in stitches: Moo! by David LaRochelle.

This is the story of "one cow, one word and one udderly wild adventure." That's right! This picture book only has one word in it! 

In case you're wondering why anyone would want to read a picture book with only a few words (or only one) in it, let me explain:

Books with limited, or no text, are great for young readers because the child can easily master the text, and then can focus on understanding on what's happening in the story by looking at the pages. Once your child knows the word(s), they can "read" the book by themselves, encouraging reading confidence.

Stories with few words are also great conversation starters. Engage your child in a discussion about what's happening in the story. The pictures can be interpreted in many ways, encouraging the imagination to run riot. Talk about the characters' facial expressions and body language. What kind of non-verbal cues is your child picking up from the story?

So now that you know the secrets of the one-word book, hopefully you will be as moooved by this story as I was! :) Put a copy on hold for yourself today!