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April 2014

Jennifer, Lakewood Library

What do the scouts, robotic shoes ruling the world, and Percy Jackson have in common? They are all in short stories in Guys Read: Other Worlds. This volume in the popular Guys Read series focuses on science fiction and fantasy stories. It contains several funny, thrilling, and adventurous tales written by several popular authors. Each story is very different and each one is guaranteed to entertain.

If you're having a tough time finding a book that interests your reluctant reader, definitely check this one out!


Jennifer, Lakewood Library

Graphic novels are great tool to get reluctant readers hooked on reading. Often graphic novels have the power to be "gateway books": They can give reluctant readers the illusion that they aren't really reading, but in fact, they are. There is more text inside than one might think and lots of critical thinking is required between frames.

Publishers have become savvy to the popularity and useful nature of graphic novels. Now a days you can find graphic novels for kids about anything. States of matter, Pearl Harbor, and even math topics. Many classic and contemporary fiction titles now have a graphic novel cousin. If a novel intimidates your child, see if they will read the graphic novel. It might inspire them to give the original a try. Visit your local library today to grab an arm full.

On a related note, Free Comic Book day is May 3rd! Why not be a Superhero to your child and get them a FREE comic book!  Comic book stores across the country will be giving away comic books to people of all ages. These comic books have been specifically created for this annual event. Many local comic book stores in the metro area will be participating. To find one near you try the Free Comic Book Day store locator. Still not convinced? Perhaps you will listen to the man, Stan Lee.


Barbara, Evergreen Library

It's that time of year again...when your house is filled with eggs, eggs, and more eggs. What do you do with all those eggs?

Here are some fun ideas that your whole family will enjoy: Make a yearly tradition of dying eggs for your Easter egg hunt. Your kids are never too young or too old to enjoy making that special egg! Get creative, the sky's the limit. What do you do with the leftover egg cartons? Take a nature hike and let your child fill the individual holders with "treasures" found along the way. It's a great way to keep everything together and organized.

After the candy has been eaten and the plastic eggs have lost their appeal...fill them with rice or beans...and now you have musical shakers. Music promotes language acquisition, listening skills, memory, and motor skills. Plus, music is an essential Every Child Ready to Read practice! And if you still need more ideas...there's always scrambled or over easy!