How It Works

Let’s Rock the Books and read 40 million minutes!

Put the pedal to the metal and get reading! Books rock our world with the stories they tell and there’s no better time to enjoy reading than summer.

Everyone benefits from reading by keeping their minds active. Babies need to be read to and actively explore their world to build  literacy skills. Kids and teens can maintain school readiness by reading over the Summer. This means that all the juicy knowledge they gained during the school year isn’t lost come August. Reading benefits adults by increasing their knowledge and providing relaxation. And by reading, adults  model through example that reading matters and can be fun!

Pick up a prize when you register, another when you’re halfway there, and a final prize when you reach your goal.

Pet Power

Jefferson County Public Library continues its support of our non-profit partner, Foothills Animal Shelter, as our official beneficiary of Summer Reading.

We’re upping our countywide challenge to read a collective 40 million minutes this summer. If we hit this goal, Jefferson County Library Foundation will award Foothills Animal Shelter $500 to help fund their invaluable services and programs.

Grab a book, listen to an audiobook, and get reading! Did you know reading has a relaxing effect on both humans and their animals? And if you don’t have a pet, it’s ok! You can feel good about reading to support animals looking for their forever homes. Every minute counts (for you and the pups) so remember to log your time.  Give Summer Reading two paws up and let's read! 

To learn more about Foothills Animal Shelter, visit