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Browse, check out, and download e-books and audiobooks to your computer or device.

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Grab the greatest movies and documentaries free from Kanopy. Available anytime (and on the go!) with your library card.

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From midterm papers to everyday searches, explore our topical research guides and dedicated databases to help answer life's questions.

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Your source for the latest news, demographic searches, consumer reports and more. Remote work just got easier.

Online Library FAQs

  • There are only a few of our resources that you have to access from a computer within the library, and those are Ancestry, ALLDATA Car Repair, and Generations Online. Note:  Ancestry and ALLDATA have granted temporary remote access during the pandemic.

  • When you access one of our online resources from home, we make sure you have a valid library card by asking you to log in. Please see this FAQ if you are having trouble logging in.

  • The LinkedIn Learning apps will not be available for some time. At the present, LinkedIn Learning is only accessible via a browser on your mobile device.

  • Our subscription migrated to LinkedIn Learning on March 9, 2021. Your course progress and playlists may not have transferred over between platforms. For more information, please see these LinkedIn Learning FAQs.

Library Account Management

  • To get started, click on the purple Log In / My Account button at the top right hand side of the screen to open the drop-down menu. Then click on the green Log In / Register button.

    Enter your library card number and then enter your PIN in the password field. See these tips if you are having trouble with your PIN.

    Once you are logged in, check your name and date of birth. If this information is incorrect, please contact the library. Once you have verified this information is correct, click continue.

    Next, create a username. Your username will be visible to other users, and you can use it – or your library card number – to log in from now on. Then check the boxes to accept the Terms, Conditions, and Policies. 

    Click Complete Account Setup. You are all set!

  • Try entering your library card number and your 4-digit birth year here.

    • If you see a “Welcome” message, follow prompts to continue setting up your online library account. You are all set!
    • In the future, you can log in with your card number or username.
    • From now on, the "Forgot your PIN or don't have one?" function will provide quick help via email, as long as you have an email address in your account. If you don't have an email address in your account, please call us at 303-235-5275 for assistance.

    If you try your library card number and 4-digit birth year here and you see “The username or PIN is incorrect,” use this PIN Reset Request, instead of clicking on “Forgot your PIN or don’t have one?” Enter your library card number there and wait for an email.

    • Use the link from your email, enter your library card number, then enter your PIN twice.
    • Click the purple Continue button, enter your card number and PIN again. You will either see a Welcome message or your account Dashboard. If you see "Welcome," follow prompts to set up your account.
    • If you don’t have an email address in your account, the form will not submit. Please call us at 303-235-5275 for assistance.
  • In order to take full advantage of everything the library catalog can do, all library accounts need a unique username. An easy-to-remember username gives you quick access to your account if your library card isn’t handy. After you register, you can log in with either your username or your library card number, whichever you prefer.

  • For users in the United States, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires web sites that collect personal information from children to obtain parental consent. For this reason, children under 13 are not allowed to display their real names, nor can they type their own usernames, enter comments, or add other kinds of content that require typing, since these could be used inappropriately. To generate a username, a child can select a combination of color and animal name.

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