How do I fix Axis 360 app problems on iPhones or iPads?

Axis 360 is hard at work finding fixes to a few issues that have cropped up with the iOS app since their last update. While we wait for their next update (in March), here are some things you can try for each issue.

  1. A teal-colored screen that says Unexpected Error. Try closing the app and re-opening. If it opens normally, go to My Stuff, then tap on the book cover, then download, read, or listen from there. The error seems to appear when you tap Continue or Read/Listen Now from the app opening screen, or your list of checkouts. If the error comes back after you close and open the app, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Log back in and go carefully to My Stuff, tap on the book cover, then download.
  2. A "Maximum Device Limit" error. If the title you are trying to access does not have holds, try using a browser to log into your Axis 360 account. From the menu in the top left corner, select Checkouts, then select Return from the More Options menu next to the title. Check the title out again. Go back to the app on your device, log out, and log back in to refresh. If this doesn't help, or if the title you are trying in question has holds, contact Axis 360 and ask for a device limit reset.
  3. E-books getting stuck and not progressing to the next page. Try using the table of contents to jump ahead and then page back to your place. Try changing font size. Try Removing (not Returning!) and re-downloading the title. If none of those work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

We are always happy to help also. You can contact us or book an appointment with a librarian.