Getting started: Axis 360 on a smartphone or tablet

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Step-by-step instructions: (Print)

Download and log into the Axis 360 app
  1. Go to the app store on your device, search for “Axis 360” and follow the prompts to install it. (You will need your Apple ID or Google Play Store username and password.)
  2. Once installed, open the app and tap Skip to Find Your Library or School Now at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap in the box that says Search for My Library, type in Jefferson County Public Library, tap Search, and then tap on Jefferson County Public Library’s name.
  4. Tap in white space to right of Library ID*, enter your Jefferson County Public Library card number and tap Login.
  5. To finalize your account, tap on Account and then tap in the white space next to Name* and Email* to enter your contact information. Tap Update My Account, then OK.
Search or browse titles, authors, and keywords

To explore JCPL’s Axis360 collection, tap on Search (🔍) or Browse (☰).

  • Searching: Tap on the search icon (🔍), enter a title, author, or keyword and tap Search. Results are sorted by Popularity, but can be sorted by Publication Date, Title, or Author.
  • Browsing: Tap on the browse icon (☰) and select a subject.
  • The icons that look like an open book (e-book) or headphones (audiobook) in the top right corner of the book’s cover tell you the title’s format.
  • When the icon is green, the title is available for check out. When the icon is grey, the title is checked out and you may place a hold.
  • You can apply filters to limit the search or browse results by tapping on Filter and then tapping on Available Now, e-books, and/or Audiobooks. Filters remain in place until removed.
Check out and read or listen
Checking out: 

Tap on the cover of a title with a green open book or headphones icon, tap Checkout, and tap Checkout again. If you have wifi access and would like to start reading or listening immediately, tap Read Online. If you would like to download the title for offline reading or listening, tap Download.

  • You may check out 99 titles at one time.
  • Titles checkout for 21 days and may be renewed unless another patron has placed a hold. Items are automatically returned on their due date and there are no late fees.
Reading or Listening to a book:
  • Go to My Stuff () and tap Read/Listen Now for newly downloaded titles, or tap Continue for titles you’ve begun reading.
  • For menu options such as table of contents and adjusting font size and type, tap on the screen. Font options, bookmarks, and more will appear at the top right. The table of contents can be reached at the top left.
  • To close the book, tap on the screen and then the back arrow. Your place is automatically bookmarked.
Place a hold
Placing a hold:

Tap on the cover of a title with a grey open book or headphones icon and tap on Place a Hold (instead of Checkout). Tap Keep Browsing once the title is successfully placed on hold.

Checking out a hold:
  • You’ll receive an email notice when your hold is ready to check out. Once the title is ready to check out, close your email, open the Axis360 app, and tap on My Stuff ().
  • Tap On Hold and tap on the title’s cover. Tap Checkout and tap Checkout again.
  • You can change the settings in your Axis 360 online account (in a browser), or under My Account in the app, so that your holds are automatically checked out.
  • You may have 70 titles on hold at one time.
  • You have three days to check out a hold once it becomes available for you.
Early returns and renewing
Early returns:

Items are automatically returned on their due date and there are no late fees.

  • To return a title early, tap on My Stuff, tap on the title’s cover, tap Return, then tap Yes.

If a title does not have holds, you can renew as many times as you’d like. You will have the option to renew within three days of its due date.

  • To renew, tap on My Stuff () and tap on the title’s cover.
  • Tap Renew and Yes.
  • Press Remove and then Download Now to reactivate the title.