Getting started: Axis 360 on an e-reader (non-tablet, non-Kindle)

Step-by-step instructions: (Printable version)

Install Adobe Digital Editions
  1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions ( on your computer. Follow prompts to complete installation.
  2. When the “Setup Assistant” displays, click Continue.
  3. Click Get an Adobe ID online.
  4. Your internet browser will open. Click Create an Adobe ID account.
  5. Follow the prompts and click Continue.
  6. Go back to the Adobe Setup window on your computer and enter your Adobe ID and password. Click Activate and Finished.
Browse and check out
  1. In a browser, go to our Axis 360 collection ( to search or browse for titles, log in with your library card, and borrow. Make sure you are looking only at e-books by clicking on one of the filters near the top right of the page and selecting "eBook."
  2. When you find a book that is available, click Checkout. (If a book is not available, click Place Hold.)
  3. Click on the menu in the top left, then Checkouts.
  4. Next to the title, click More Options, then Download.
Download and transfer
  1. After the file downloads to your computer, open the file and it should automatically launch Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).
  2. Select the Library view.
  3. Connect your reader to your computer with its cord.
  4. Your reader should appear in the navigation on the left.
  5. Click and drag the book to your device.
  6. Safely eject your e-reader. Books can be found in My Documents, My Files, or in a Digital Editions folder.
Early return and renewing
  • Checked out items will automatically return at the end of the loan period. If you wish to return an item early, go to your Checked Out items under the My Stuff link and select Return.
  • If a title does not have holds, a Renew button will appear next to your Checked Out items (under the My Stuff link on the Axis 360 website) three days before it will expire.
  • You may have 40 checkouts and 70 holds at one time.
  • Once you are notified that a hold is ready, you have 3 days to check it out. You also have the option of changing the settings in your Axis 360 online account (in a browser) so that your holds are automatically checked out.
Nook Glowlight Plus and Nook Color - Special instructions:
  1. Instead of clicking and dragging in Adobe Digital Editions, right-click the e-book in ADE and click Show File in Explorer (Windows) or Show File in Finder (Mac).
  2. Drag the e-book file from the folder that opens to the My Files folder of your NOOK. Your NOOK will appear as a removable device in the left-hand side of the Explorer or Finder window.
  3. Find the newly transferred e-book on your NOOK under Library > My Files.
Nook GlowLight 3 and GlowLight Plus 7.8"- Special instructions:
  1. Connect your Nook to your computer.  
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions. (You may need to tap “Turn On” on your Nook screen for the device to be recognized by ADE. If Windows File Explorer opens when you “turn on” the Nook, close the Explorer window.)
  3. Click and drag the book to your Nook.
  4. Tap on the Gear icon next to “Devices” and click on “Authorize” to authorize the device with your ADE account.
  5. Eject your Nook from your computer.
  6. You must now add your Adobe ID credentials to your Nook.
  7. Tap the upper right corner of the status bar to open Quick settings and tap on “See All Settings.”
  8. Open “My Account.”
  9. Tap “Adobe DRM Setting” (You will see your email & ADE ID number listed under “Authorized Adobe IDs, but you still need to add your password in the next step.)
  10. Tap on  “Add Adobe ID”  and enter your Adobe ID  (email) and password.