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Thinking about going to college? Read this book!

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The Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive Debt in U.S. History-- And How We Can Fight Back by Alan Collinge

The Student Loan Scam is an investigative book about the lack of oversight and consumer protections in the student loan industry.  Mr. Collinge, the author of this book, owed $35,000 in student loans - until he missed one payment.  His debt then ballooned to over $100,000 due to fees and penalties.  That's when he started investigating the student loan industry. 

Student loans have become a lucrative business for the US government, banks, student loan servicing companies, debt collectors, Wall Street, colleges, and some college financial aid administrators.  Here is one example:  wages, tax returns, Social Security and Disability benefits can all be garnished, without a court order, to pay for student loans.  A court order is necessary for garnishment with most forms of debt.  The exception for student loans places them in a class with criminal debt, like unpaid child support and income taxes.  The Student Loan Scam also gives practical advice for borrowers in the last chapter, making this book an important read for anyone taking out a student loan or co-signing for one.   

Alan Collinge is the founder of  He has appeared on 60 minutes, 20/20, The News Hour, and other news shows.