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Jayne, Golden Library

“Perfume is like cocktails without the hangover, like chocolate without the calories, like an affair without tears, like a vacation from which you never have to come back.”
― Marian Bendeth

Let's explore the magic of perfume!

Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride by Alyssa Harad

Essence and Alchemy: A Book of Perfume by Mandy Aftel

The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York by Chandler Burr

The Scent Trail: How One Woman's Quest for the Perfect Perfume Took Her Around the World by Celia Lyttelton

The Little Book of Perfumes: The Hundred Classics by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (book) by Patrick Süskind
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (DVD)

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

Scent of Darkness by Margot Berwin

The Book of Lost Fragrances: A Novel of Suspense by M.J. Rose

Perfume Smellin’ Things

Now Smell This



Indie Scents

Sunshine, Columbine Library

The Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive Debt in U.S. History-- And How We Can Fight Back by Alan Collinge

The Student Loan Scam is an investigative book about the lack of oversight and consumer protections in the student loan industry.  Mr. Collinge, the author of this book, owed $35,000 in student loans - until he missed one payment.  His debt then ballooned to over $100,000 due to fees and penalties.  That's when he started investigating the student loan industry. 

Student loans have become a lucrative business for the US government, banks, student loan servicing companies, debt collectors, Wall Street, colleges, and some college financial aid administrators.  Here is one example:  wages, tax returns, Social Security and Disability benefits can all be garnished, without a court order, to pay for student loans.  A court order is necessary for garnishment with most forms of debt.  The exception for student loans places them in a class with criminal debt, like unpaid child support and income taxes.  The Student Loan Scam also gives practical advice for borrowers in the last chapter, making this book an important read for anyone taking out a student loan or co-signing for one.   

Alan Collinge is the founder of  He has appeared on 60 minutes, 20/20, The News Hour, and other news shows.  

Marie, Columbine Library

The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich

In 1911, a brutal murder takes place in a small town bordering an Ojibwe Indian reservation in North Dakota.  Some innocent Indians are hanged for the murder by whites from the town of Pluto. The unsolved murder haunts both the white and indian inhabitants  for generations. In a style similar to that of Barbara Kingsolver, Erdrich alternates the narrative between descendants of the whites and the Indians through the voices of Evelina Harp, Marn Wolde, and Judge Antone Bazil Coutts.  Small bits and pieces of each individual story unravel to show the common threads of them all.

Jill, Arvada Library

Spring and summer are upon us BUT you wouldn’t know it with all of the snow and cold temperatures that extended into May!  It's great to finally be able to put away the snow boots and heavy coats and get ready for some summer camping.  Here are some titles to help you get prepared for a summer of R.V. fun!




Cooking Aboard Your RV: good food in less time-- more than 300 recipes and tips by Janet Groene

A Fork in the Trail: Mouthwatering Meals and Tempting Treats for the Backcountry by Laurie Ann March

The Camping Cookbook by Annie Bell

Glamping with MaryJane:  Glamour + Camping by MaryJane Butters

Camping Destinations:

Good Sam RV travel guide & campground directory

Woodall's camping guide. Frontier West

Camping with Kids and Dogs:

The everything family guide to RV travel and campgrounds: from choosing the right vehicle to planning your trip--all you need for your adventure on wheels by Marian Eure

Camping and RVing with dogs: the complete reference for dog-loving campers and RVers by Jack and Julee Meltzer

Happy trails!

Briana, Evergreen Library

As part of the Evergreen Library's monthly book discussion group, you're invited to join local author Dale Lovin as he discusses his book, The Mirror in the River: A Novel of Suspense.

When a wealthy woman mysteriously disappears near Aspen, Colo., former FBI Agent Brad Walker finds that his love of fly fishing in remote  mountain areas has planted him directly in the crosshairs of corrupt politicians and a kingpin in the world of human trafficking.

6 pm Wednesday, June 12
Evergreen Library

Christina, Lakewood Library

Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley

Ptolemy is 91, a recluse living alone and falling fast into dementia when this story begins.  Confused and scared, his apartment is filled with filth and bugs.  A family friend, Robyn Small, 17 years old, comes into his life and both find needed friendships.  Robyn helps Ptolemy clean up his apartment.  A reinvigorated Ptolemy volunteers for an experimental medical program that will restore his mind, but at hazardous cost: he won't live to see 92.  Mosley's depiction of the indignities of old age is heartbreaking and Ptolemy carries off these indignities with grace and decency.

Christina, Lakewood Library

Exciting and challenging and somewhat dismaying, change is a part of our lives.  It is a part of home life, work life and social life.  And although we know if we did not experience change, life would become stagnant and boring, it is still hard to accept at times. We know the procedures, how to get things done and then something different is thrown in that we have to adapt to and add to our mental databank. So, OK, let’s embrace change and make it work.  Here are a few titles that may help with the transitions.

Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson

Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier by Mike Dooley

Ros, Evergreen Library

My Ideal Bookshelf, edited by Thessaly La Force, art by Jane Mount

My Ideal Bookshelf is a wonderful book to browse for reading ideas. Over one hundred “leading cultural figures”—writers, artists, musicians and such—talk about what they consider the books that matter to them most. Each one page essay is accompanied by an artist’s rendition of their bookshelf. Here we can see that writer David Sedaris is a big fan of Tobias Wolff books because “every story is a manual on how to be a good person.” Tony Hawke, the athlete, loves stories about overcoming adversity. A Child Called “It” by David Pelzer and Endurance by Alfred Lansing offer lessons Tony identifies with. James Patterson gives top billing to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ One Hundred Years of Solitude, saying it “drove me into writing thrillers…I realized I couldn’t do anything at his level.”  Other contributors include Robert Crais, James Franco, Michael Chabon, Jennifer Egan, William Wegman, Malcolm Gladwell, Nancy Pearl. In telling us their favorites, we get insights into their lives—plus intriguing lists of titles, both popular and obscure, for our own reading pleasure. The book leaves us finally, with the question, what would be on our own Ideal Bookshelf?

Katie, Arvada Library

HHhH by Laurent Binet 

A New York Times notable book for 2012, HHhH is a fast paced, thrilling and historically accurate novelization of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich.  Known as "The Butcher of Prague," Heydrich was feared for his cruelty (he helped mastermind the final solution) which, combined with his Aryan features made him a rising star in Hitler's cabinet.  Many historians believe he would have eventually succeeded Hitler as Führer.  HHhH also tells the story of the Czech and Slovak fighters who trained for and successfully completed the mission in May 1942.  These two stories take turns amongst the author's personal musings about the art of writing historical fiction.  The short but meaty chapters keep the reader entertained and eager for each successive page.


Pennie, Wheat Ridge

It’s Summer Reading Club time at the Library!  Adults can join their very own club:  Groundbreaking Reads.  This year participants will complete a bingo card.  Complete your first bingo and you earn a certificate for a free book from the Library Foundation’s book sale.  You can complete up to 4 bingos and each one will put you in the drawing for the grand prize – a Kindle Fire (drawing will be held on Aug 15).

To sign up visit us online or at any Jefferson County Library location.

Parents be sure to sign up your kids and teens for the Summer Reading Club too.  This year we have added a program just for the youngest library users that focuses on early literacy.  The children's theme is Dig into Reading and they get to play bingo too!


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