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Music for Relaxation

Kay, Golden Library

We all know music influences our moods and energy. Here is some of my favorite music to bring about a calm and relaxed mood. This music is perfect for the end of the day or, perhaps for yoga or meditation.

Music for Healing and Unwinding by Steven Halpern - Halpern has been creating this kind of music since 1975 and this 2005 CD was my introduction to his music. The library has many more by this musician.

Dakshina by Deva Premal - This is beautiful hypnotic and meditative vocal music.

Through a Dog’s Ear: Music to Calm Your Canine Companion by Lisa Spector - This also works great for humans. These classical pieces are beautifully arranged for on a single piano.

Self-Healing with Sound and Music by Dr. Andrew Weil with music by Kimba Arem - If you’re interested in the ideas behind healing music, check out this audiobook. This two CD set includes one of Dr. Weil speaking about the healing effects of music and one of music composed by classically trained Kimba Arem using a variety of instruments.

Looking for more like this? Try searching the library for Music for Relaxation.

What are some of your favorites?