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Living Dairy Free

Christina, Lakewood Library

A friend challenged me to participate.  A 28-day regime of eating that would cleanse my body of toxins and all that bad stuff we in the USA accumulate by eating the foods mostly available.  I checked the menus and suggestions.  Included were lots of vegetables and fruit, lots of beans and a fun variety of grains – brown rice, quinoa, faro, whole grain pasta and even a little fish and chicken.  Sprouted or whole wheat breads were fine in moderation and spreads like hummus were suggested.   OK – I can do this, I thought.  Then the clincher – no dairy.  You mean no yogurt?  No cheese?  No ice cream?  What about my morning smoothie with yogurt and fruit?  And cheese on pizza?   The alternatives are non-dairy yogurts and milks like soy, coconut and almond.  OK – I can still do this and after all – it is only 28 days.  Little did I know that after the first day I would feel better, sleep better, have no digestive issues and actually come to enjoy my smoothie with soy yogurt, fruit and bunches of kale?  Are you wondering what is left to eat?  Here are some suggestions to get you started on a dairy-free diet.

Complete idiot’s guide to dairy-free eating by Scott Sicherer

Go dairy free: the guide and cookbook for milk allergies, lactose intolerance, and casein-free living by Alisa Marie Fleming

Living dairy-free for dummies by Suzanne Havala Hobbs

The Divvies bakery cookbook: no nuts, no eggs, no dairy, just delicious! by Lori Sandler