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A Book We Love: An Everlasting Meal

Kay, Golden Library

If you, like me, admire the many fine cookbooks the library purchases, but rarely find time to follow a recipe from one, consider taking a look at An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, a beautifully written and inspiring book by Tamar Adler. Read it whether you consider yourself a cook or not; you’ll find that you will look at cooking differently after you do. Don’t read it for the recipes, though it has many fine ones. Read it to remind yourself that eating healthy, affordably, and responsibly is what humans have been doing since ancient times, beginning with boiling water over a fire. Adler reminds us that feeding ourselves is an integral part of being human and well-worth a little time and effort to do it well. She also offers plenty of advice along the way, making this a practical book as well as inspiring.