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Jefferson County Public Library Trustees are appointed by the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners, in accordance with the Colorado Library Law (Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 24, Article 90, Section 108). The Board's powers are defined in the Colorado Library Law.

In 1986, the Trustees determined an increase in funding was necessary and took the issue before the people. Jefferson County voters approved a dedicated library mill levy of up to 3.5 mills. Using that as a guideline, the County Commissioners set the library tax levy to be collected and also appropriate the Library’s budget each year.

On behalf of Jefferson County residents, this governing Board:

Has the authority to make policy. The Library Board uses the Carver and Charney Policy Governance Model as the framework to guide its decision making.

Has fiscal and legal responsibility for control and management of the Library to:
Develop and approve an annual operating budget.
Employ the Executive Director and provide direction to her/him for the organizational goals to be achieved.
Enter into contracts and other agreements for the management of the Library.
Hold, acquire and own property, and accept and determine use of gifts (monetary and otherwise) to the Library.

Trustees are required to:
Reside in Jefferson County.
Determine and recommend library governing policies.
Become familiar with state and federal laws governing libraries, public meetings, availability of public records and First Amendment rights.
Prepare for, attend and participate in all Board meetings/study sessions, retreats, conferences and workshops.
Secure adequate funding and practice responsible fiscal management of the public money.
Plan for the future of the Library.
Promote library services and advocate for the Library in the community.
Serve without pay. Expenses related to participation in library activities may be reimbursed.