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Brian DeLaet

through September 30, 2019

Growing up on the plains of Nebraska, DeLaet was a frequent visitor (to his Grandmother) in Jefferson County as a boy. After serving as an educational missionary with the Lutheran Church for many years, he and his wife Maki and four children located to Wheat Ridge in 1998.

While running their own business, EduCyber, Inc., they have been engaged in the community in a variety of ways. Mr. DeLaet is a member of the Optimists, has been active with the Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years, has been a volunteer at both Kullerstrand elementary and Bethlehem Lutheran School and has worked with the internship program at Lakewood High School. He was the first board president for Wheat Ridge 2020, an economic and community development corporation in Wheat Ridge and continues to be involved with that organization, having completed the Wheat Ridge 2020 Planning Academy in early summer of 2011.

Mr. DeLaet loves books and libraries as well as having an intense interest in technology and how technology affects how we interact with books and libraries.