Belmar Library Holds Locker

Belmar Library Holds Locker & Vending Machine

We're Moving!

Holds Locker and Vending Machine services at Lakewood City Commons end on Thursday, September 17.

Important Dates

Sept. 12

Last day "Holds Locker" will be a destination option when requesting a hold.

Sept. 16

Last day to collect ready-for-pickup items at the Holds Locker and use the Vending Machine.

Sept. 17

Uncollected items at the Holds Locker will be delivered to the Belmar Library for you to pick up via our walk-in or curbside services.

If you'd like to change your holds pickup location from Holds Locker to Belmar Library—or any other Library location—you can make that change at any time prior to September 16. After September 16, all holds designated for the Holds Locker will default to the Belmar Library.

We are unable to accept returned materials at the Holds Locker and Vending Machine at this time.

Holds Locker

  1. When you place a hold in our catalog, select "Belmar Holds Locker" for your Hold Pickup Location.
  2. Wait until you are notified that your hold is ready, then go to 470 S. Allison Pkwy within 3 days.
  3. Touch Pick Up on the Holds Locker screen, then scan or type in your library card number.
  4. Your list of holds will be displayed. Touch Accept.
  5. A locker door will open and you may take your items. Close the locker door, and touch Finish. Enjoy!

Vending Machine

  1. Touch Check Out on the screen.
  2. Search by Title or Author, or browse available items.
  3. Touch the cover of the item you are interested in and touch Check Out.
  4. Scan or type in your library card number.
  5. Your item will be retrieved and placed in the open door below the screen.
  6. Touch Yes if you would like to check out another item, and follow steps 3-6 above.
  7. Select your preferred receipt option

470 S. Allison Pkwy.
Lakewood, CO 80226

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